I have recently had the pleasure of doing a week long intensive with Di in New York and she literally blew my mind!

Di is warm and compassionate and yet with her clear and direct guidance has led me to discover the deeply hidden, shadow parts of myself that have held me back throughout my adult life.

And now, even though we are on two different continents, our work still continues via Skype sessions and on the phone.

Di is shifting my inner dialogue from darkness towards the light and for that I am truly grateful.

Anka, Creative Director, NYC

This was a very healing workshop. I gained huge insights into my own patterns of behavior in relationships by doing the exercises Di gave us. Di created a very safe and nurturing space for us to be able to explore some emotionally difficult areas in our lives. She created a beautiful spiritual environment with clear, clean energy and is very much in touch with the divine spirit. I loved it!

Liz, Therapist, Manchester, UK

I love speaking with Di. She has an innate ability to hone in on complex emotions and simplify them down to some basic truths. She creates a safe and loving place and although we have only just started she has convinced me I have the ability to truly love myself. Thank you Di.

Stephen, Photographer, NYC

The workshop on relationships was terrific!!! You have such insight and are so encouraging. Fantastic.!! You have touched my life in a very special way.

Thank you

Dian, Counsellor Health Services, UK

Di your workshop on relationships was very powerful and enlightening. I am so delighted to have experienced your teachings. You are a beautiful insightful teacher.

Thank you

Jane, Admin Child Protection, UK

Di I really like your cheerfulness and your sessions are very exciting and comfortable. I am exploring my inner peace and abundant life!

Won Young Kim, Author, Korea


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